Cryogel Ice Storage

Encapsulated ice, thermal storage system uses antifreeze coolant, usually glycol to circulate around encapsulated containers containing nucleating agent to store and release its latent heat. The latent heat energy is stored in a storage tank during charge cycle and when the cooling load is required during discharge cycle, warm coolant carrying heat from the load is circulated again around the encapsulated containers to absorb the heat, thus thawing the frozen containers.

Cryogel IceBalls, based on USA Technology, are 103mm plastic spheres formed with a high performance plastic polymer. The IceBalls, use as the energy storage medium, have 16 patented symmetrical dimples in the surface to allow for expansion as water inside the ball freezes to form ice. The IceBalls are factory-filled and sealed with water and a proprietary nucleating agent. Cryogel IceBalls have been physically and thermally tested by international third party laboratories as well as local testing by SIRIM, Malaysia.

Cryogel Iceball Characteristics: